Connections in Scientific Committees and Applicants' Self-selection: Evidence from a Natural Randomized Experiment (joint with Mauro Sylos Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva)
CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12308, IZA Discussion Paper No. 9594
Latest version: February 2019
Labour Economics, accepted for publication

What You Don't Know... Can't Hurt You? A Natural Field Experiment on Relative Performance Feedback in Higher Education (joint with Ghazala Azmat, Antonio Cabrales and Nagore Iriberri)
Management Science, accepted for publication.
Latest version: May 2018
Non-technical summary:

A Walk on the Wild Side: `Predatory' Journals and Information Asymmetries in Scientific Evaluations (joint with Mauro Sylos-Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva)
Research Policy, 2019, 48(2), 462-477, special issue on "Academic misconduct".

Does the Gender Composition of Scientific Committees Matter? (joint with Mauro Sylos Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva)
American Economic Review, 2017, Vol. 107(4), pp. 1207-1238
[PDF] [DATA] [Slides presentation]
Note: This paper combines information that was previously reported in two different working papers: [WP Italy], [WP Spain]
Non-technical summary: Research Highlight of the AEA; Press release of the EEA; Times Higher Education; 15 min. video presentation

Politicians’ Luck of the Draw: Evidence from the Spanish Christmas Lottery (joint with Berta Esteve-Volart)
Journal of Political Economy, 2016, Vol. 124(5), pp. 1269-1294
[PDF] [DATA] [Slides presentation]
Non-technical summary: (Spanish,English)

The Role of Connections in Academic Promotions (joint with Natalia Zinovyeva)
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2015, Vol. 7(2), pp. 264-292
Non-technical summary:,

Why Do I Like People Like Me? (joint with María José Pérez Villadóniga)
[PDF] Journal of Economic Theory, 2013, Vol. 148(3), pp. 1292-1299

Are Women Pawns in the Political Game? Evidence from Elections to the Spanish Senate (joint with Berta Esteve-Volart)
[PDF] Journal of Public Economics, 2012, Vol. 96(3), pp. 387-399
Non-technical summary:,

Do Recruiters Prefer Applicants with Similar Skills? Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment (joint with María José Pérez Villadóniga)
[PDF] Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2012, Vol. 82(1), pp. 12-20

Can Gender Parity Break the Glass Ceiling? Evidence from a Repeated Randomized Experiment (joint with Berta Esteve-Volart)
[PDF] Review of Economic Studies, 2010, Vol. 77(4), pp. 1301-1328       [DATA]
Non-technical summary of the paper:, sociedadabierta

Do On-Line Labor Market Intermediaries Matter? The impact of AlmaLaurea on University-to-Work transition (joint with Mauro Sylos Labini)
[PDF] David H. Autor (ed), NBER volume Studies of Labor Market Intermediation, 2009, pp. 127-154. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (link)
A translation of this article into Italian appeared at L'università in transizione: Laureati vecchi e nuovi alla luce della reforma, edited by Andrea Cammelli. Bologna: Il Mulino.

Differential Grading Standards and University Funding: Evidence from Italy (joint with Mauro Sylos Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva)
[PDF] CESifo Economic Studies, 2008, Vol. 54 (2), pp. 149-176
A translation of this article into Russian appeared at Вопросы образования№4 за 2009 год
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Working Papers

Can Gender Quotas in Candidate Lists Empower Women? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design (joint with Pamela Campa)
CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12149, IZA Discussion Paper No. 10888
Latest version: June 2018
Revise and resubmit, Journal of Public Economics

Women and Power: Unpopular, Unwilling, or Held Back? Comment (joint with Pamela Campa)
Latest version: May 2017
Revised and resubmitted Journal of Political Economy

Work in Progress

Do Gender Quotas in Hiring Committees Help Women? Evidence from Spain (joint with Berta Esteve-Volart)

The Production Function of College Education: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (joint with Inés Berniell and Antonio Cabrales)

Performance Pay and Judicial Production: Evidence from Spain (joint with Berta Esteve-Volart)
Latest version: [PDF]
Non-technical summary of the paper:

The Effect of Ballot Order: Evidence from the Spanish Senate (joint with Berta Esteve-Volart)
Non-technical summary of the paper:

Top Civil Service: Meritocracy or Nepotism? (joint with Berta Esteve-Volart)

Gender and Overconfidence in Selection Processes: Evidence from Public Examinations (joint with Berta Esteve-Volart)

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